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Born in New York City in May of 1943, I had my first experiences with impressionism in my formative years. As a child, working in crayon, I was concerned with the effects of layering colors to achieve the vibratory effects so critical to impressionist painting.

As an art student I studied painting under Stuart Garrett, AWS, NA, Mario Cooper, AWS president emeritus, NA, Robert Lavine, NA and Colleen Browning Wagner, NA. After being graduated from the City College of New York, as an art major in 1966, I worked as a commercial artist. After a couple of years I opened my own design studio. In the mid 1980's the graphics field began to change drastically and I lost interest in the business so I decided to change fields and I began to devote my time to my painting. 

After a short go at watercolor I finally decided oil painting was what I longed to do. It took a couple of years, however, before I turned to impressionism. I was and still am moved by the experience of layering color over color which is the hallmark of impressionism. I studied the works of the impressionist painters both in museums and in books, but it wasn't until I saw an exhibition of the American impressionist Willard Metcalf's work at the Spanierman Gallery that I found the influence I was searching for.

As a result I have become a one stroke painter. By this I mean that I mix my colors lay them down in single strokes and then leave them alone for posterity to judge. The only mixing that takes place in my paintings takes place in the eye of the beholder. This tends to make the observer an active participant in the creative process, much like he or she is in reality. As a plein aire impressionist painter my goal is to render the light as it strikes objects in all its luminous glory.